LunarIRC is now available on Discord

Join us

You can join us on Discord by using the following link: https://discord.gg/aP2RUYC, or the widget below.

Make sure to read the rules before joining us on Discord.


#telegram is our Discord relay channel at LunarIRC. All messages sent to the Discord group can also be read at #telegram channel on LunarIRC. It is also possible to send messages to the Discord group from the #telegram channel however this requires setting up a relay nick first.

It's also possible to indicate different types of users at the #telegram channel.

Administrator indicates the administrator of the server

Guardians of the Galaxy indicates the moderator of the server

Member of the Month role indicates the current Member of the Month.

How to obtain: At the first day of the month a random user is chosen as the MooM (Member of the Month). The more you speak the more likelihood of being chosen as the MooM.

Donator role indicates that the user has donated to LunarIRC.

How to obtain: the easiest way to obtain this role is by donating an amount of €2.50 or larger to LunarIRC or LunarBNC. This rank can also be obtained by donating a server to LunarIRC.

For the people that can't donate in the two previous ways, it's also possible to achieve this role by volunteering. You can contact the Administrator for more information.