To keep things nice and appropriate Lunar Chat has the following rules in place:

No spamming/flooding – Do not type random nonsense. Avoid sending excessive amounts of messages in a short period of time and use text pasting services when copying & pasting large blocks of text.

No personal attacks – Occasional swearing is fine (as long as it’s not repetitive), however personal attacks are unacceptable.

No bigotry (i.e. sexism/racism) – Being discriminatory (in any way) towards certain groups of people is not tolerated.

We do however believe in facilitating discussion between people with opposing viewpoints and will allow free speech provided it is grounded in facts and done in a well mannered fashion, without attacking people personally.

No graphic content – Sending graphic content (which is content that is violent or nude/sexual in nature) is not permitted. Doing so will get you banned permanently.

Graphic content intended to be educational or informative (such as a news source) and not for shock value shall be exempt from this, while used within reason.

No impersonation – Do not impersonate other users. This means pretending to be them.

Be nice – Always be nice to others. If you are nice to people, you can expect them to be nice to you as well. If someone is really bothering you can report them to one of the admins.

Use common sense – Attempting to find loopholes in the rules won’t work. Doing so in bad faith can get you banned. If you’re not sure if you can say or do something, you probably can’t. Ask an admin if you’re not sure.