How do I register a nick?

To register a nick:

Syntax: /ns register <password> <email>

Example: /ns register MyPassword [email protected]

NOTE: Passwords are CASE SENSITIVE. You must enter a valid email address!

How do I change user modes?

To change user modes:

Syntax: /mode <nick> <umode>

For the complete list of UMODES type /helpop UMODES.

How do I identify to my nick?

To identify to your nick:

Syntax: /ns id <password>

Example: /ns id MyPassword


How can I reset nick's password?

To reset to your nick's password:

Syntax: /ns resetpass <nick> <email>

Example: /ns resetpass MyNick [email protected]

NOTE: Email must be the email address associated with the nick.

Can my (group) nick expire?

Yes, your nick and group nick will expire, if you don't use them for 10 years.

How do I register a channel?

To register a channel:

Syntax: /cs register <channel> [description]

Example: /cs register #myChannel Channel for bots!

NOTE: Your nick must be registered in order to use this command.
You must be an operator in the channel you're trying to register.
Description is optional.

How do I change my channel's modes?

To change your channel's modes:

Syntax: /mode <channel> <chmode> [attributes]>

For the complete list of CHMODES type /helpop CHMODES.

Is there a way to automatically join certain channels upon identifying?

Syntax: /ns AJOIN <nick> <channel> <channel key>(Optional)

Example: /ns AJOIN MyNick #LunarIRC

How do I view all my group nicks?

Syntax: /ns GLIST

How do I link another nick to my nick?

Syntax: /ns GROUP

NOTE: In order to use the command above, you must first change your nick to the nick you wish to link.

How do I drop my (group) nick?

Syntax: /ns DROP <nick>

Example: /ns DROP MyNick