About us

Lunarirc.net was founded on September 5th, 2016 by three visionaries, three people, and three friends - Lucifer, Arigateaux and Jamie. Their combined efforts to create a Network where they could share their ideas freely, along with the efforts with three network aficionados, Hercules, Localghost and Casper, who also wanted this liberty, was what gave birth to the gem that is LunarIRC.

The Network was born out of a need for a place to share their dreams for the future, a place to chat, a place to have fun and make friends. It is a place of unity and not a place of chaos like most IRC networks.

Right now we use Anope, a peerless easy to use service that is not only powerful and flexible, but also universal, so you may recognize it from other networks

The reason Lunar is above other Networks is not only due to the friendly userbase, but also due to the liberty it provides. The growing userbase means it isn't hard to find friends, and maybe that friendship could grow into a project. After all, that project could help develop the future.

Inspired by the past, developing for the future - LunarIRC